The Most Delicious and Most Favorite Typical Algerian Food for Tourists

The Most Delicious and Most Favorite Typical Algerian Food for Tourists

Culinary tourism is a type of tourism that is loved by almost everyone. Visiting a country and tasting the typical food is something that must be tried. Visiting Algeria, you can also taste a variety of local specialties with flavors that you may not have tasted before.


Start your day in Algeria with a local specialty breakfast dish, Chakchouka. This one dish has a texture like stew, and is rich in spices. This food is still served at breakfast time by local Lagerian people. So, you can get this dish where you are staying or shops in Algeria during breakfast hours. Chakchouka is a dish made of chopped onions, spices, tomatoes and some eggs sunny side up. This one dish is usually eaten with bread, pita, or rice which absorbs the sauce and makes the dish start to get delicious and filling. Often used as a breakfast menu by the people of Algeria, chakchouka is a food consisting of stir-fried onions, tomatoes, eggs, and various kinds of spices on it. Chakchouka goes well with bread or rice.


The next dish is one of the famous foods on the North African continent which is also a typical Moroccan dish, Couscous is also famous as a typical Algerian dish that you should try. Couscous is like rice for the people of Algeria which is suitable to be eaten with other special delicious dishes. This dish consists of small pellets of steamed semolina served with meat, vegetables, and various condiments.

In Algeria, the most popular meat and vegetable dishes for this dish are carrots, green beans and chicken. Different restaurants, different recipes, there are various delicious couscous menus that you can try when visiting tourist attractions in Algeria.


Harira is a traditional Algerian soup consisting of stewed lamb, vegetables and spices. Having a distinctive taste, harira is best eaten when it is still warm.

Tajin Zitoun

Tajin Zitoun is counted as one of Algeria’s culinary specialties that is no less famous there, especially during the month of Ramadan. Zitoun Tajin is made of kefta or minced beef, lamb, fish or chicken meatballs seasoned with a variety of spices. It is then topped with mushrooms, potatoes and white sauce which is then seasoned with cinnamon and olives.

Zitoun Tajin is usually served with delicious homemade bread. Traditionally, this Tajin Zitoun is made in a Tagine, but unless you don’t have one this dish can also be made in a casserole or a pan.


This delicious Algerian dish is no less famous than the two previous dishes. Known as Kesra, this dish is a traditional Algerian bread that has different names depending on the region. Near Constantine, this dish is called kesra, while near Algiers this dish is called Khobz Ftir.

Kesra is usually made with baker’s yeast and can be made in a short amount of time. For this reason, kesra remains the ideal appetizer. Kesra has a truly delicious taste because it uses pure olive oil.

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